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"The Love Bucket Book and How It All Started"

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It started with Filling Her Love Bucket…
Fill Her Love Bucket!

But first, a word from The Love Guru, Guru Pitka, played by Mike Myers.



It all started in 2008… around the same time as the movie, The Love Guru, although there is no relation to the movie. The idea for the book came at an internet marketing business seminar conducted by the famous Armand Morin. (Just do a Google search and see his name will come up with over a hundred thousand results. He currently is going by the title Business Success and Life Design Strategist and is giving it all way free at Success Leaves Traces.)

At that same internet seminar the author of the most famous love bucket book, 7 Ways to Fill Her Love Bucket, met publisher, David Hancock. Shortly after, David’s company, Morgan James Publishing, agreed to publish the physical version of the love bucket book. Morgan James Publishing is an entrepreneurial publishing company.

So what is "the love bucket book" anyway?

The Love Bucket Book™ has not been around since the dawn of time.

Let’s have little history of books first. A book has many forms.


In the beginning, communication was shared in symbols and pictures, known as "Hieroglyphs." These symbols were carved in stone and there was a meaning associated with each symbol to tell a story.

It is said the prior to the Tower of Babel (if you know the story in Genesis) that mankind spoke one language. After the Tower of Babel, man spoke in tongues. This made communication more difficult as people required translation if they came from different areas and cultures. Language developed and became formalized.

As mankind progressed, so did shared and saved communication. Animal skins were used instead of stone. These animal skins rolled up and were called scrolls. Various forms of ink and writing devices were used to inscribe messages on these scrolls. Probably the most famous scroll, is The Dead Sea Scroll.

Scrolls were the primary method used to record text for thousands of years. Scrolls were difficult for the scribes and difficult for the readers. Next was the innovation that transformed reading and writing and in a way similar to the changes in communication and availability of information of email (electronic mail) and the Internet has brought about during our time. This innovation was the CODEX.

A codex consisted of parchment, papyrus, and eventually, paper which were stitched together in with a protective covering. These codex volumes were invented by the Romans and utilized by the Christian missionaries and Hebrew scribes who wrote sacred texts. The codex become a prominent way to share, spread, and disseminate information. In fact, our modern-day paper book code be called a codex.

The advantage of the codex were multi-fold: both sides of the page could be used, it was easily transported, passages could be found easily by leafing through the pages. These benefits led to the continued use and popularity of the codex.

Fast-forward to Gutenberg in the early 1400’s. It was during the Roman Empire that he developed the mechanical printing press.

In the 19th century steam-powered printing presses completely revolutionized book publishing.

The importance of books is the impact on society and the rapid economic development that came with it.

"Books" now are not made of parchment. Physical books may be made of paper but books come in many forms and names such as ebooks (electronic books), books-on-tape and audio-books.

As you read this you may wonder what all this history has to do with the Love Bucket Book™?

The Love Bucket Book™ was born at an internet business seminar. The internet has created favorable intellectual and technological conditions for businesses. The entrepreneurial spirit, facilitated by companies such as Morgan James Publishing, The Entrepreneurial Publisher, is at the heart of internet business and electronic dissemination of books. Emerging capitalism increasingly makes its impact on new and faster modes of production which fosters economic thinking and improves efficiency. The Internet is a vast resource which supports learning and literacy and is taking the place of encyclopedias and the library. The increasing demand for information has spawned massive internet websites, blogs, and destination portals, to name a few.

The speed and decentralized ability to produce “books” and the “bookstores” in which these books are found, perused, viewed, downloaded is mind-boggling. The online largest bookstore, Amazon®, is expanding its reach by purchasing successful internet enterprises, namely, Zappos®, in 2009, to add technological expertise and market share of digital shopping sites. The Love Bucket Book™ is all about the Internet. For the last two years, the Love Bucket Book™ has been solely an Internet enterprise. The Internet has allowed The Love Bucket Book™ a certain ability to advertise, get name recognition, without the cost and physical restrictions imposed by traditional publishing and brick and mortar business-building.

So now you may be gathering that the insertion of The Love Guru video clip is more than funny. Throughout the video, Guru Pitka, played by Mike Myers, uses phrases and finished with the letters "TM" which stands for trademark. As such, there are several registered trademarks, like THE LOVE BUCKET®, and other common law trademarks, like The Love Bucket Book™ that have been used since 2008 in online enterprise.

The Love Bucket Book™ is virtual and was born on the internet, lives on the internet, is found on the internet, is downloaded on the internet, is sold on the internet, and represents books in digital commerce in multiple formats, along with physical and digital gifts, and a variety of services, goods and resources. We like the Amazon® model of online enterprise that is customer-focused in an online environment that educates the customer before and during and as part of the sales process.

Failing and dying industries, notably, print publishing are reinventing themselves online in digital forms. Books, magazines, newspapers, and broadcast and video have been thrown a lifeline. The digital versions are showing up on handheld devices with incentives to advertise both in the print and digital editions.

The mass audience is on the internet. The Love Bucket Book™ is in the digital domain and is the digital domain for the mass audience to view and shop and buy.

New handheld devices get information that will be routed through the internet and cellular technology. Land lines are changing with the advent of services like Skype® an internet based phone service that includes the ability to video chat, instant message email, send files and more. The phone service is changing. How we communicate is changing. How we buy is changing along with it. You can make purchases directly from your phone via mobile ecommerce. You can look up The Love Bucket Book™ from your smart phone:

Nothing is in a neat little package like a book. The phrase "written in stone" is how we started this history with "Hieroglyphs."

The Love Bucket Book™ not a physical book or an electronic book. The Love Bucket Book™ is an online enterprise. When someone asks you, Have You Read The Love Bucket Book™ they could mean in any number of formats or related Love Bucket recommended products and services.

The changes and abuse on the internet gave rise to massive shifts at the United States Federal Trade Commission and Mastercard and Visa. This had alot to do with associate and affiliate marketers (people who represent other products with a special encoded link) using methods that took advantage of consumers. It was time that this area got a clean-up. And, on that subject, The Love Bucket Book™ readily discloses that it benefits financially from purchases of recommended products and services. The Love Bucket Book™ receives sales commissions with transactions generated from its online enterprise.

A sales commission is received for custom stores. For example, products purchased at a website such as zazzle allow you to add a logos and images to your selection of a t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. A Love Bucket Book™ special link, (, takes you to a page that provides a variety of products just described. This is all part of online enterprise that profits from the sales of goods and services via affiliate-style websites.

Social media has taken the Love Bucket Book™ into other online areas at a growing pace. It is tweeted about, posted about, blogged about, digged about, and more. To be sitting at a restaurant and have someone flash a handheld device screen depicting the cover of the famous Love Bucket Book™, 7 Ways to Fill Her Love Bucket, has gone from startling in 2008 to routine in currrent times. If you search in Google "love bucket photo" you will see at least two instances of famous The Love Bucket Book cover, just mentioned.

The capital and intellectual resources pouring into the Love Bucket Book™ online enterprise mirrors that of the other business activity that plans to flourish in the upcoming years.

The Love Bucket Book™ is a modern codex where instead of leafing through physical pages, you "leaf" through webpages, linked social media sites, online advertisements that all lead you to purchase any number of items from the Love Bucket Book™ website. The digital domain is not just for free information, it is for digital commerce. Since 2008 you can find the Love Bucket Book™ happily making a profit while filling hearts and love buckets of satisfied customers.  

So, that’s the Love Bucket Story... so far… to be continued…

Fill The Love Bucket®!

The Love Guru The Love Bucket

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